Residential Renovation Workflow



After receiving your enquiry, we will arrange a short discussion with you to understand your needs and preferences. By sharing our past experience and providing professional advices, we will work with you to define the project outline. A suggested layout plan and preliminary quotation will be provided to indicate the initial design layout and scope of works.



After the discussion at the preliminary stage, we will, if necessary, revise our quotation and/or the layout plan to add details. The quotation will clearly list out each work item and its price. We will also indicate the items that are excluded from the quotation, and some possible add-on items for your easy reference. A deposit for endorsement of the quotation would be required before proceeding to the next stage.



Upon endorsement of the quotation, our designer will arrange workshop with you to set the design direction. Then the designer will further develop and carry out detail design. Design drawings, reference images and samples will be presented so that you can visualize and fully understand every details of your new home. In order to ensure timely completion of the works, we will provide you a list of deadlines reminding you the time frame for decision making and the delivery time of materials you have brought, etc.



When the design becomes mature, we will start the preparation works and demolition works on site in parallel so as to shorten the construction period as much as possible. We will carry out the works strictly in accordance with the detailed design drawings. Our quality assurance personnel will carry out periodic inspections to monitor the progress and ensure the work quality. We will report to you the progress regularly and you are welcome to supervise the works in person.



Upon completion of the works, we will carry out handover inspection with you. We will take prompt action to rectify any defects found. A warranty of 6 months from the completion date will also be provided. We will promptly rectify the latent defect found during the warranty period.